Daily Topic for August 03, 2008

Heb. 8:6
"But the ministry Jesus has received is as superior to theirs as the covenant of which He is mediator is superior to the old one, and it is founded on better promises"

High priests described in the Old Testament had to periodically offer gifts and sacrifices for the sins of the people, but Jesus offered Himself once for all. Now at the right hand of the “Majesty in heaven” (v. 1), He serves in the sanctuary set up by the Lord, not by man. Furthermore, the apostle Paul noted that God has given us the ministry of reconciliation and made us competent as ministers of the new covenant. We can proclaim Christ to the world’s peoples with the knowledge that His promises are sure and His covenant secure.

Jesus, we thank You for Your wonderful promises and covenant. Find us faithful as ministers of this covenant.

Chhipa People of India

In 1850, Hebich received a letter from the Basel Mission appointing him the first president of the mission. He entered this high office with a heavy heart. He did not believe in stringent rules, but preferred to have liberty for himself and others to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. He wrote, “I fear that too many rules will let the devil loose and that he will steal away all divine life.” He himself could only move and work in an atmosphere of prayer. He never went forth to preach unless he had the witness of God’s Holy Spirit in his soul that He would give him victory.

Another “secret” of Mr. Hebich’s success in ministry was his ability to surround himself with a band of enthusiastic workers. He really loved these people, and even chose wives for them.

In 1859, after 25 years in India, Mr. Hebich said farewell to his spiritual children and sailed for England. News that Mr. Hebich had left India spread rapidly, and a somber feeling covered the land as though he had died. Even the newspapers wrote of him and his work with the greatest of praise. He spent his retirement years preaching and teaching in England as he had done in India. He died in 1868.-AL from Samuel Hebich of India, The Master Fisher of Men, by George N. Thomssen, Cuttack, India, 1905.

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Pray for today’s missionaries to work in such a way that non-believers will be drawn to the Lord.

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