Daily Topic for July 30, 2008

Heb. 6:16-17
"... Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of His purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath."

God promised Abraham that he would receive blessings and that he in turn would become a blessing to all the families of the earth. After Abraham had demonstrated his faithfulness to the Lord in offering his son Isaac (Genesis 22), God confirmed the promise with an oath. This is the event referred to by the writer of Hebrews, who affirms that the reason for the oath was to make the “unchanging nature of his purpose very clear.” God is committed by oath to bless His people and through them to bless every family (people group) of the earth.

Father, thank You for making Your purposes so clear to us, heirs of the promise to Abraham.

Tai Pong People of China

Which way will the younger Tai Pong generation go? For some time, there has been a notable shift taking place among the generations of Tai Pong people in China. The older generations hold to a mix of Polytheism and Shamanism, while the younger Tai Pong are more inclined toward Atheism and materialism. Traditional Theravada Buddhism has never really been significant among the Tai Pongs.

Little research has been done on this people group, and the official classification of them is confusing. There are some historical records that link the Tai Pongs with the Chinese as far back as 109 BC, when the Han emperor established the Yizhou Prefecture in what is now southern China. The Tai Pong people have lived along China’s Red River for centuries. They have some linguistic kinship with the Tai Dam and the Tai Kao.

The church is very small among them. There was some missionary activity being carried out among them as early as 1919, but the more recent generations have been little affected. There are only a couple of Tai Pong believers in one or two areas. But drastic change can come with a movement of the Holy Spirit.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit moves in the lives of the younger generation of Tai Pong people. Pray that God will thrust young Christian workers into the Tai Pong population. Pray for a fresh wave of evangelism in each of their communities that will result in vibrant, Christ-honoring fellowships.-JR

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