Daily Topic for July 21, 2008

2 Timothy 2:3
"Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus."

The military metaphor has fallen on hard times in many parts of the evangelical community. Yet there are many ways in which a committed Christian is like a soldier. Paul speaks here of a Christian enduring hardship like a soldier. Why does a soldier endure hardship? To win! He sees the commander’s cause as the overriding priority of his life, and does whatever is required of him to win the battle. How much hardship are we ready to endure to see Jesus Christ seal His victory over Satan, so that people from every people, tribe, tongue, and nation may recognize Him as Lord?

Lord Jesus, make us good soldiers!

Bouyei People

“This is your day, bull. After you eat your rice I’ll take you to the river where you can swim and sleep all day.” It was the Ox King Festival and the Bouyei teenaged girl was pleased to give special attention to her family’s ox.

Over 3.5 million Bouyeis (pronounced Boo-yee) live in the semi-tropical forests of beautiful Guizhou Province, as well as in Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces. Their customs, festivals and traditions reinforce their strong ethnic identity. They identify as Tai rather than Chinese and speak a Tai language known as Bouyel Zhuang. Lack of roads, education, medical care, and inability to pump much needed water to their villages are major reasons why the Bouyeis do not progress economically. Although the Chinese government has tried to correct these problems, most Bouyei people live in poverty. Many of their youths have left their villages to work in larger towns and cities in hopes of escaping poverty.

Bouyeis follow a complex mixture of religious practices made up of Buddhism, Taoism, Animism, ancestral worship, Shamanism and occultism. Catholic and Protestant missionaries first started to work among the Bouyei people in the early 1800s. That work was later re-directed to the Han Chinese majority. Today there are only about 5,000 Bouyei believers. Many are Roman Catholic. Recently, several mission agencies have started church-planting efforts, but the Bouyeis are resistant. It is hard for them to accept that there is only One God.

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Pray that God will provide faithful servants to reach the Bouyei people.-PD

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