Daily Topic for July 19, 2008

2 Tim. 1:7
"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline."

What a beautiful description of the inheritance received by God’s people, including those taking the good news of Christ into new cultural groups! “Power, love, and self-discipline.” Those who will establish new churches must know the power of God to overcome both spiritual and cultural barriers of understanding and acceptance. They must share the love which God has for other peoples-peoples different from themselves. They must exercise the control and discipline of God’s Spirit to accomplish difficult work.

Pray that today’s pioneer missionaries will exercise the power, love, and self-discipline of the Holy Spirit in their lives and ministries.

Saragh Yugur People of China

His first birthday brought his first haircut: Right to left, then middle and back. And the community sang:

“Cutting his hair with iron scissors,

The child will grow as strong as an iron rod.

Cutting his hair with gold or silver scissors,

Treasures of gold and silver will roll in.”

Around the same time, his bride was born. On her third birthday, they cut her hair: Left to right and then middle and rear.

When he turned 13, their parents arranged their marriage. Now, four years later, final marriage plans have begun. Soon the wedding will commence. The couple will feast on a sheep’s thigh and keep the bone for several years. Meanwhile they will move in with his parents.

This has been the Yugur (pronounced Yoo-gur) tradition for centuries. Whether roaming as Tibetan nomads or later mixing in China’s Gansu Province with Mongols and Chinese, they ritually eat sheep at the wedding.

Now that rings a bell, doesn’t it? What if a believer helped the Yugur see that the Lamb has already been slain for their sins and ours. How can we invite them to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb?

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare hearts to hear a new message, that of the gospel. Pray that God will call translators to produce scripture and other literature in the Yugur language and that other servants will teach reading to them.-EF

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