Daily Topic for July 18, 2008

1 Tim. 6:20
"Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care."

Each of us has received a “trust” from God; that is, a deposit of knowledge, resources, and gifts. God expects us to exercise responsible stewardship of this “trust,” both to maintain it and to invest it so as to accomplish His purposes. This is the essence of stewardship: using resources to fulfill responsibilities. God entrusted to Abraham a “blessing” which he was to use to “bless the other families of the earth.” Each of us has received a similar “deposit” from the Lord. What kind of stewardship are you exercising?

Lord, help me to be a faithful steward of all that You have given me, using it to bring Your salvation to those who still need to hear.

Shui People of China

The weekly market days for the Shui people are occasions not only to sell their produce and beautiful embroideries, batiks, paper-cuts, and wood carvings, but also to visit with their neighbors. During festive occasions the Shui (pronounced Shway) people have the chance to sing and dance in the marketplaces. The Shui people mainly live in a fertile area in the Sandu Shui Autonomous County of Guizhou Province.

In an attempt to keep their culture and unique script and language alive, some leaders are teaching their script to Shui boys. Shui people today are much more mobile than in earlier generations with the construction of roads connecting many parts of the county and province, but they are still mainly a rural people relying on farming, rice cultivation and fishing in the county’s many rivers.

Western missionaries who have adopted the Shuis to pray for and evangelize hope to send Chinese agricultural missionaries who can help the Shui people better care for their livestock and increase their agricultural productivity. In due time these Chinese missionaries can help start house churches in every Shui village, giving the reins of leadership to the locals, but periodically returning to train and teach Shui leaders.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God will give this vision to those trained in these skills. Pray that their ideas will be readily received, and that such agricultural missionaries will soon have the opportunity to evangelize the Shui people.-JS

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