Daily Topic for July 16, 2008

1 Tim. 6:8
"But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that."

Food and clothing: the list is short when we tally the real necessities of life. Even if we expand this list (e.g., adding shelter, health, etc.), the list is still much shorter than that of our monthly budget. Today a bottleneck in frontier missions expansion is due to a lack of funding for new ventures. Mission agencies are willing to lead. Young people are willing to go. But finances are not available. Why? Did God miscalculate the resources needed to accomplish His work? Or have those resources, committed to his stewards, been diverted to other uses?

Father, may we be found faithful stewards of what You’ve given us.

Gelao People of China

The large tree was the focal point of the celebration. Men of the village were circling it, others killed chickens and sheep as sacrifices under the divine tree. They pleaded for the gods to give them a large harvest the next year.

These participants are members of the Gelao (pronounced Ger-laow) people group who live mainly in Guizhou Province. Despite their considerable numbers, almost 700,000, they are one of the least known of China’s ethnic minorities. The Gelaos are a very ancient people, usually considered the original inhabitants of each region where they live. Their distinctiveness is seen in some of their unusual customs, such as breaking the front tooth of a bride. They also have the dubious reputation of once having been head hunters and cannibals. Although they have their own Gelao language, most speak China’s trade language, Mandarin, because Gelao has four distinct dialects that vary so greatly from each other that even Gelaos in the same county have difficulty in communicating.

Their main religion is ancestor and spirit worship. They have no systematic religious creeds, they do have a number of superstitions and taboos which affect every aspect of their lives.

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Pray for gospel recordings in each of the four dialects. These can be most effective in reaching the pre-literate. Pray for Chinese believers to share Christ with the Gelao people.-JS

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