Daily Topic for July 08, 2008

1 Tim. 1:1
"Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus, our hope."

We should remember that Paul was a frontier missionary. His special commission from God was to establish communities of evangelizing Christians among cultural groups without any church. This was his mission as an apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul considered the basis of his ministry to be God’s concern for all nations, beginning with the Abrahamic Covenant and continuing on through Christ’s Great Commission and his own personal commission.

Lord, teach us to use our gifts to further Your purposes for all nations.

Durbet Mongol People of Mongolia

Little Konker watched wide eyed as her father and two uncles dismantled their home; a round, portable, lattice structure covered with thick, camel-hair felt, called a “ger” or “yurt.” The neighboring yurts were all occupied by Konker’s relatives, nomads of the Mongolian Durbet tribe, all preparing to move to better pasture with their cattle and horses. Durbets are a small Mongolian tribe, of 79,000, located primarily in the northwestern area of Mongolia, near the border of Russia.

At one time, Durbet marriages were arranged by parents, who consulted with an astrologer as to the compatibility of bride and groom. Today couples usually marry while in their early to mid twenties. Sadly, today divorce is becoming more common and legal abortion is the primary method of birth control.

Historically, the Durbets, like other Mongols, were Animists (believing that non-living objects had spirits) and shamanists (believing in the unseen world of gods, spirits, and demons). The people have long depended on shamans (medicine men) to cure the sick by magic, and communicate with the spirits and control events. Later many turned to Tibetan Buddhism till the communist revolution of 1921 when the government attacked Buddhism, restricting Buddhist festivals and rituals, leaving them with a spiritual vacuum.

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Pray that the Lord will send missionaries to live among the Durbet Mongols, to introduce them to the Good News of Jesus, and send them qualified linguists to translate the Bible and other Christian materials for them. Pray for faithful intercessors to stand in the gap for the Durbets.-Doris Olsen

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