Daily Topic for June 30, 2008

Colossians 4:17
"See to it that you complete the work you have received in the Lord."

Paul’s words, addressed to one Christian worker, are also applicable to today’s church. God aims at closure, finishing the task of world evangelization. The job may sometimes seem too large for us to complete, but God intends that it will be finished. When He declared to Abraham that “in you shall all the peoples of the earth be blessed,” He indicated that the task would be completed-all the families of the earth would hear. Today, as never before, we have the knowledge of what the completion of the task may involve.

Father, fill our minds and hearts with faith so that we may press on to finish the work You have given us.

Aheu People of Laos

Four posts support a banana leaf shelter that acts as a home. This home cannot survive a mild wind, much less a monsoon. No problem! The Aheu people build simple shelters using banana leaves. Then when the leaves turn yellow, they know it is time to move to another site. Each stay lasts about 15 days. For this reason these Aheu people are called the “Spirits of the Yellow Leaves.”

Their nomadic lifestyle dictates that they never developed a tradition of farming. They are known as “hunters and gatherers,” one of the most primitive societies on earth. Their nomadic lifestyle carries a high price. They remain poor, uneducated, unprepared for the outside world or ecological changes in their rain forest home. Premature deaths claim over half the population. Tribal leaders testify that they are always hungry.

Other Aheu people have settled down and learned to farm. On either side of the Mekong River, they have the abundant rain forest from which to harvest food. The tropical climate should facilitate good crops, and the river itself provides fish for meals. Nevertheless, they have not enough to eat, nor is the spiritual hunger of the Aheus being satisfied. They remain unreached.

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Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of village leaders to hear and respond to the news that our sins can be forgiven. Pray that God would guide and protect initial efforts of missionaries to reach this tribe.-EF

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