Daily Topic for June 27, 2008

Philippians 4:19
"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

We have often quoted and remembered this precious promise in relation to our own physical and material needs. But how often have we remembered that these wonderful words were first spoken to those who had given sacrificially that others might experience the blessings of the gospel of Christ? (See II Corinthians 8:1-2.)

May God grant that we would exhibit the same spirit of sacrifice and joy in sharing the good things we have with others.

Kuy People of Cambodia

“What a wasted trip,” grumbled Saraen. “I trusted that guide and went with many others to get work in a neighboring country for three months. When time came to leave for home, our “guide” took our pay and ran away. We didn’t even have money to get home!”

The approximately 40,000 Kuy people of Cambodia are very poor subsistence rice farmers. At one time they depended on forest products for their livelihood. But much of the forests have been cut down, so they can’t find goods there. The Kuy are often looked down upon by other Cambodians and sometimes cheated by people who pose as “guides.” They are in need of improved agricultural methods and new means of making a living. Some need a clean water source, but their greatest need is for Jesus, the Water of Life.

The Kuy language is unwritten and most Kuy people in Cambodia have very limited educational opportunities. Typically they may have two or three years in a Khmer (Cambodian language) grammar school. Though predominantly bi-lingual in Khmer and Kuy, theirs is an oral culture.

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Pray for wisdom for workers to produce tools appropriate to the oral culture of the Kuy. Pray for missionaries working to write the Kuy language using Khmer script. There are currently several hundred Kuy believers worshiping in Khmer churches. Pray that God will raise up Kuy and Khmer leaders with a heart for this people in order to see an indigenous church planted among them.-Lynn Newhouse

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