Daily Topic for June 26, 2008

Philippians 4:15
"Not one church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving, except you only."

The terms the apostle uses here- “giving and receiving”-designate the “debit and credit” columns used in a bookkeeping journal. The Philippian church had established an account for Paul in which they both invested funds and made withdrawals. Can you imagine their joy both in providing resources for Paul’s ministry and in receiving the reports of what had been accomplished through their investment? What accounts have you opened for “giving and receiving”?

Pray that God will show you and your church new opportunities for investing and receiving in the realm of eternal affairs.

So People of Laos

When the Siamese (now known as the Thai) invaded and pillaged Vientiane in l827, they returned to their homeland-present-day Thailand and Laos-with trophies of victory: the So people. The l50,000 So who currently live along the Laos-Thailand border are the descendants of these prisoners of war.

Their POW heritage extends into the spiritual realm as well. Though the So people are nominally Buddhist, they engage in spirit worship. They live in fear of a host of malevolent deities, and try desperately to appease them with sacrifices and offerings.

There are believed to be more than 2,000 professing Christians among the So. In the l950s and l960s, entire villages claim to have surrendered to God’s Kingdom as missionaries preached the gospel and people were delivered from demonic influences and sicknesses. Most of the So, however, continue to labor under heavy chains of spiritual oppression. They refuse to give up their Animistic rituals because they believe it would displease the gods and bring harm upon their families and communities.

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Pray for God to liberate these prisoners of war. Ask Him to send laborers who will boldly preach the good news, proclaiming release to the captives. Pray for intercessors to be enlisted who will stand in the gap, persevering in prayer until the So are freed from the bondage of the enemy.-CL

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