Daily Topic for June 23, 2008

Philippians 2:5-11
"(Jesus) made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant...He humbled Himself and became obedient to death.... Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place."

Because of the humble obedience of Jesus, the Father exalted Him. Jesus did not humble Himself that He might be exalted, but in order that man might be redeemed through His death. How human it is for us to seek ways to become great, even at personal sacrifice and pain. Yet the ones God exalts are those who have given up personal ambition and pride because they have understood His heart and will. If our Master had to humble Himself and learn obedience in order to redeem men, so His disciples also must humble themselves in obedience in order to reveal His glory and goodness.

Pray for Christ-like humility on your part, and the part of your church.

Lao People of Laos

For many years, the Lao people lived in a physical battlefield. They were often stuck in the middle of wars between other nations. They suffered invasion after invasion. But they are also in a spiritual battlefield.

Can you imagine working among crops that you believe hold spirits with power over you? Most of the Laos are farmers who believe spirits live in everything around them - houses, trees, crops, and water. They try to placate these spirits (phi) with offerings in small shrines. Buddha and the “territorial” deities they worship bind them with constant demands.

Some Lao farmers take on second jobs as miners, blacksmiths, or fishermen to provide for their large families. A family that includes 10 children is common in Laos.

Today’s communist government does not allow Christian evangelism, although in the past missionaries declared the gospel and led some to Christ. The church is growing in spite of the government’s anti-Christian attitude. However, only about two percent of the population call themselves Christians, and this includes those who aren’t following the Lord. Seventy-one percent have never heard the gospel. Our prayers can reach through governmental boundaries. God can cut the ties that bind these dear people. Let’s pray!

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Pray that the Lao people will find the peace and security they seek in Jesus Christ. Ask God to strengthen and protect the few believers who could go as His ambassadors to the Lao people. Pray that God will soften hearts and change the attitude of government leaders.-AK

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