Daily Topic for June 22, 2008

Philippians 1:21
"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."

What a testimony, what an aspiration! The apostle Paul may have been thinking of Jesus’ words, “The Son of Man came ... to minister and to give His life a ransom for many.” In a way, a pioneer missionary gives his life as a ransom for the people to whom he is sent. His ambition is to bring the good news so that people yet in darkness can experience God’s salvation. What is your ambition? What is the surpassing goal of your life? Is it the same as Christ’s, or are you focused on lesser things?

Lord Jesus, give us a new vision of Yourself in all Your beauty and holiness. Fill us with a passion for Your glory in all the earth.

Buddhist Lao Ngaew People of Thailand

As I was praying through the prayer guide, Peoples of the Buddhist World, I came upon the Lao Ngaew people. This group is 97 percent Buddhist. They migrated from China into Laos, eventually settling primarily in Central Thailand. I learned that there were around 33,000 in this people group with only 60 believers. As I read on I was surprised to learn that they settled primarily in Lop Buri Province, especially Ban Mi and Khok Samrong districts.

Our family had spent five years in Lop Buri Province in the 1980s doing church planting with OMF International and had even spent two years in the provincial town of Khok Samrong. In all of our time in that area I had never heard of this people group. It underlined for me the reality of “hidden people groups.” There are often groups of people right under our noses that may look like the general population, yet their language and customs are distinct enough to set them apart from the majority. If such groups are to be reached with the gospel the subtle differences in their language, rituals, religion and culture must be identified and studied so that they can be reached most effectively.

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Pray that missionaries will be aware of the easily overlooked people groups in their area and devise effective strategies that can insure that they hear the gospel clearly in their mother tongue and in a culturally appropriate manner.-Larry Dinkins, OMF International

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