Daily Topic for June 21, 2008

Philippians 1:12
"...what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel."

Paul was in prison, but he was rejoicing because his imprisonment had resulted in the spread of the gospel. What a tremendous example for so many of us who vacillate between self-centeredness and sacrificial living! How many of us would rejoice that personal adversity had advanced God’s purposes among the nations?

Dear Lord, we pray that we may live so close to You that Your concerns become ours. May it not be said of us that we cared more for personal comfort than for those for whom You died. Help us to see with Your eyes.

Lao Krang People of Thailand

The young woman in the strikingly vivid orange, red and yellow dress was easy to identify as a member of the Lao Krang people. The 50,000 Lao Krangs inhabit eight provinces in northwest Thailand, and their language is closely related to the Lao language of neighboring Laos. This link occurred 250 years ago when they were captured in Laos by an invading Siamese (now called Thai) army. Their captured forefathers were taken as prisoners of war across Thailand to their present location. The Lao Krangs were slaves working as laborers to increase food production to feed the Siamese army. Finally in 1900 a benevolent king granted their freedom.

Although primarily farmers, the Lao Krangs got their name from their skill in extracting a type of organic paste from the Krang beetle which they used to make a bright red dye for their textiles. Just as the laborious beetle extraction has been replaced by more modern technology, so has farm labor been abandoned by the young people who have found jobs in cities. These Buddhist people have had limited exposure to the ways of Christ. One resource for those ministering to Buddhist people says, “Missiologists tell us that a failure to approach Buddhist people equipped with good understanding, sensitivity, gentleness, and a willingness to learn has traditionally hampered ministry in some Asian countries.”

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Pray that those who go to evangelize the Lao Krangs will go equipped to understand them and share Christ in a culturally appropriate manner.-JS

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