Daily Topic for June 17, 2008

Ephesians 4:14
"Then we will no longer be infants."

Paul teaches in this chapter that if the Body of Christ is working properly, one result will be responsible maturity in each congregation. All children have a self-centered viewpoint. Each of us began life focusing on one important individual-ME. Part of our growing to maturity is gaining a perspective of reality, which focuses attention on others. How many of our churches today, however, still struggle with this preoccupation with themselves and with their own kind of people! A healthy spiritual maturity expresses itself in a congregation’s commitment to reach out to others-not just to others like themselves, but to others who have never had an opportunity to hear and obey the gospel.

Lord, lead us into selfless love for the peoples of the earth.

Intha People of Myanmar

“I found Myanmar full of untouched beauty and wonderful people.” Sue was telling her family about her recent trip. “I was captivated by Inle Lake, where over 90,000 Intha people live. Their floating vegetable gardens produce 60 percent of Myanmar’s produce. This has made them the wealthiest of Burmese ethnic groups. We were told that they donate half their income to public welfare. Intha men are famous for a unique method of rowing boats. Because of the thick weeds and algae, they stand on one leg while twisting the other around a long oar. This frees their hands to maneuver their fish traps. Women’s work includes caring for their families, rolling cigars and weaving beautiful silk items. Inthas are a hard working, gracious people devoted to Buddhism.”

The Intha people are proud of their Buddhist heritage. The Phaung Daw U Pagoda was brought to them from Siam 700 years ago. It is one of the three principal shrines in Myanmar and contains five Buddhist statues. These Buddhist shrines draw thousands of worshipers. The Inthas created a mile long shopping area leading to the pagoda. Most of their customers never get as far as the pagoda! They have done very well economically. The government does not interfere with the Intha people as much as with the other ethnic groups. Christianity has failed to impact them and there are only a few believers.

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Pray that God will give believers time and opportunity to bring a clear understanding of the Lord to the Inthas.-PD

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