Daily Topic for June 11, 2008

Galatians 4:7,8
"So you are no longer a slave, but a son.... Formerly, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature are not gods."

Many argue against the missionary enterprise today by pointing out the “disruption” caused by “changing the religion” of other people. Paul rightly argued that bringing the good news of the gospel liberates men and women from cruel slavery to “gods which are not gods.” Modern Christians often do not realize the torturing fear of spirits that many peoples feel. Only Christ can deliver them from this fear. Only He can set them free to worship and serve the living and true God.

O Lord, help us to see the people groups of this world with your eyes!

Khamti Shan People

According to a recent article in Wikipedia, an on-line encyclopedia, dormitories play an important role among the Khamti, a sub-group of the Shan. Each village has its dormitory, with girls at one end and boys at the other. A girl who is living in a dormitory never sleeps at her home, but she returns home for meals. This is called the “Virgin’s house,” and is tended by older unmarried women.

A good source about the Khamti people is Paul Hattaway’s “Buddhist Peoples of the World.” The book says that the Khamti people live in three different countries: Myanmar, China and India. Their total population is about 100,000. Their society is hierarchical, with the village chief at the top, followed by Buddhist monks. At the bottom of the pecking order are the common people.

When a Khamti couple decides to get married, a mediator comes with the groom’s family in a procession to the bride’s house. The mediator negotiates with the bride’s family for the bride price. When they come to an agreement, he hands her over to the groom’s party. The couple and the procession returns to the groom’s house.

Almost every Khamti is a Theraveda Buddhist, and each village has a monastery where parents send their sons to study the ways of Gautama Buddha. Few of the Khamti Shan have any awareness of the Son of God who died that they might have eternal life.

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Pray that the bonds of Buddhism will be broken, and hearts and minds given to Christ.-MH

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