Daily Topic for June 03, 2008

1 Corinthians 9:19
"Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible."

These words of Paul the apostle remind us of the real meaning of the incarnation of Jesus. Paul realized the great significance of Christ’s willingness to take on the form of a servant. When he met the risen Lord on the road to Damascus, Paul personally confronted the wonderful mystery of God reconciling man to Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. Though as God He was free from all men, Jesus took on the limitation of our humanity so that He could “win as many as possible (I Cor. 9:19).” Paul adopted this as the key strategy of his ministry to the Gentile peoples across the Mediterranean world.

Lord, show us what it means to become “slaves” to the world’s peoples. Use our submission to draw many men and women to faith in Christ Jesus.

Angku Kiorr People of Myanmar

In 1824, war broke out between Burma and England, and all foreigners were suspected of being spies. Adoniram Judson was arrested and confined in a filthy, vermin-infested prison to await execution. His ankles were bound by fetters, which at night were hoisted to a pole suspended from the ceiling. Finally, after a year and a half in prison, Adoniram was released to help in negotiations between the Burmese and the British. By now the Judsons had spent 13 years in Burma, and Adoniram had suffered indescribable physical torture; yet out of his pain the tiny Burmese church was finally established.

Then Nancy and the Judson’s second child, Maria, died, leaving Adoniram to suffer years of depression and soul searching. He married the widow of a fellow missionary, Sarah Boardman, in 1834, and she died eight years later. Adoniram returned to America in 1845, after an absence of 33 years. There he met Emily Chubbuck, a writer, whom he married. They sailed for the Orient in 1846.

In 1849, Mr. Judson became ill, and his family feared for his life. The doctor ordered a sea voyage, and passage was booked for him with two people to care for him. He became worse and died, and was buried at sea in 1850.-AL from “To The Golden Shore, The Life of Adoniram Judson,” Courtney Anderson, Judson Press, 1987.

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Pray for God to empower and enlarge His Church among the Karen and Burmese peoples.

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