Daily Topic for May 31, 2008

Romans 16:27
"To the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen."

So we come to the end of the book of Romans, a book in which God’s concern for all nations can be read on virtually every page. There is no more appropriate way to end this study than the way Paul ends the book: giving glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. We need to remember why we are concerned about taking the gospel to the nations: in order to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. All heaven will echo with the praises of people from “every tribe, tongue, and nation.” That is why we learn, pray and give every day on behalf of the unreached peoples!

Give glory to Jesus Christ!

Muslim Bengalis (Bangladeshis) in Canada

Generally, only wealthy Bengalis have been able to migrate from Bengal, India and Bangladesh. Those from Bangladesh are 99.9 percent Muslim. Many moved to Canada in the early 1970s when Bangladesh became a sovereign state. Distinct Bengal communities formed in Toronto and London, Ontario. Still, cultural contradictions faced the immigrants in every aspect of their lives. Some banded in the Bangladesh Association to strengthen ethnic solidarity through cultural and religious events, while others rarely attend the Bangladeshi events. 

Bengalis have strong family ties. At first, they maintained their culture by speaking Bengali at home and bringing spouses from the old country. In spite of their efforts, second-generation Canadian Bengalis have assimilated into Canadian culture. Bangladeshi girls are rebelling against tight constraints and arranged marriages. Bangladeshis are concerned about the drug addiction and sexual promiscuity around them, and they are turning to Islam for answers. They may be open to Christ if they see true believers living out their faith and presenting the gospel in a loving manner.

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Pray fervently that God will show them how His truth holds the answers to the sins of all mankind. Pray that God will bring lasting positive changes to their belief system and communities, and that they will learn to follow Christ’s ways.-AK

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