Daily Topic for May 30, 2008

Romans 16:20
"The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet."

Missionaries and Christian tourists often report that they have a deep sense of heaviness and oppression when they visit certain countries or regions. And they sense a real uplift in their spirits when they leave those areas. It is no coincidence that such areas are often those that have very, very few Christians-if any-and are generally considered “closed” to the gospel. But we can have the same assurance that Paul expressed in his letter to the Christians in Rome. We can be confident that God will crush Satan under the beautiful feet of those who bring the good news to peoples in bondage.

Pray for frontier missionaries who are directly challenging the dominion of the evil one!

Hindu Bengalis in the U.S.

“I cried for a month before my wedding,” related a Hindu Bengali woman born in West Bengal, India. Now living in the United States, the woman’s daughter had questioned her about arranged marriage. This issue is one of the most difficult cultural adjustments Hindu Bengalis face, and emotions run high. One couple, both born in the United States, met in college. Their romance lasted three years until the girl’s family firmly rejected her potential husband, a Bengali Muslim. (Bengali Muslims and Hindus don’t have a good relationship). Police believe he killed her father and sister, critically wounded her mother, and set their house on fire.

Bengali Hindus have moved to various places in the United States. In some areas like California, Asian markets make it possible to cook familiar meals. However, most second-generation immigrants have adopted American food and culture. American Bengalis are forming organizations to help their people adjust to a different culture, although they find mixed results. Some want to retain as much Indian culture as possible, while others assimilate and never look back.

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Pray that Bengali Hindus in the U.S. will meet believers who radiate God’s attributes (love, joy, peace, etc.) and share the gospel message. Ask the Holy Spirit to open the Bengalis’ spiritual eyes, so they can see the glory of Jesus.-AK

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