Daily Topic for May 26, 2008

Romans 15:7
"Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God."

Chapter 14 and the first few verses of chapter 15 deal with issues of conscience in the life of the church. Those strong in faith are instructed not to do anything that would disturb the faith of those not so strong. Paul warns them against putting stumbling blocks in the way of others. Believers are to accept one another as Christ has accepted us: unconditionally. Those who are missions-minded often fall into temptation to be critical of those who don’t yet have a concern for all nations. Missions-fanatics should be careful to win their brethren to the cause through love and acceptance.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us to accept other believers who do not share our concerns. Pray against any form of self-righteousness.

Hindu Nepalis in Canada

The businessman leaned toward the newest member of the board of directors for a famous Canadian charity. “Are you from China?” 

“No,” the newcomer smiled. I am from Nepal. It is located between India and China, so you were close.” They shared a laugh and got back to business.

His mistake was easy to make. Canada only hosts around 500 Nepalese immigrants, but they are proving to be valuable citizens who contribute in the business and professional fields with acumen in administration. While there are a few Nepalese factory or hotel workers, most are highly educated and occupy elite positions. Their occupational skills have provided one of the two ways they have gained access to the country.

The other way some Nepalese have immigrated is through family ties in Canada. Family associations are strong and, interestingly, reach back to their homelands as Canadian Nepalis are actively helping Nepali charities and lending their technical support and political and developmental aid to their families and former compatriots in Nepal.

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Pray that these industrious, educated immigrants will find the Heavenly Father who made them. Pray that the Canadian Christians who work alongside them will open their hearts and share the love of Christ with them. Pray that the gospel will resound throughout the Canadian Nepali community and eventually to their extended families in Nepal and around the world. Pray that hundreds of believers will come to the aid of Bhutanese and Nepali refugees coming to Canada early next year.-PE

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