Daily Topic for May 22, 2008

Romans 10:15
"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

Have you ever thought about the anatomy of a missionary? His tongue has knots in it from over-exertion in learning new languages. His knees have calluses from all-night prayer meetings. But his feet are gorgeous! All kidding aside, missionaries come in all shapes, sizes, and most ages. They are pretty much, as Jim Elliot once said, “...just a bunch of nobodies trying to exalt Somebody. In fact, they’re pretty much the same kind of folks as you and your family.” Have you ever seriously thought of becoming a missionary?

Ask God if he wants to give your feet a facelift!

Ahmadiya Muslims in Canada

Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiya movement, said that he represented true Islamic orthodoxy. His followers believe that Ahmad is the long-awaited messiah who appeared in the likeness of Jesus. 

Since their movement began in northern India in 1889, the Ahmadiyas have faced much opposition from Muslim communities. Muslim governments and learned teachers oppose their doctrines and consider the Ahmadiya founder to be a false prophet. There has been a century-long debate over whether they are a separate Muslim community or the product of heretical teaching, and therefore enemies of Islam. 

Because of persecution, approximately 10,000 Ahmadiyas have immigrated to Canada. The Pakistani government will no longer allow foreign students to enroll in the Ahmadiya program of Pakistan, so a new college will probably be established in Canada.

The Ahmadiya sect has attracted the educated middle class with its mission of eliminating violence. Their mission efforts have increased the size of their population to approximately 10,000,000 people in 127 countries. There are currently 500 Ahmadiya missionaries. Five of them are in Canada.

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Thank God that the Ahmadiya Muslims are opposed to violence. Ask Him to soften their hearts and to see that biblical truth is the only way for this to be accomplished. Pray that the Holy Spirit will break down the barriers that have separated them from the truth that Jesus is their long-awaited messiah. Pray that soon, even Ahmadiya missionaries and leaders will acknowledge Jesus as Lord.-JKW

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