Daily Topic for May 12, 2008

Romans 5:1
"Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

We, unrighteous sinners, have been justified by faith through our Lord Jesus. And that justification has given us peace with the God of the universe, the Ruler and Lord of all. Yet all around us we see a world that has no peace. Countries fight over rocks in the ocean, religious groups fight over the hearts and minds of their adherents and families fight over what TV programs to watch. If Jesus Christ is the key to individual peace with God, He is certainly the key to peace in families, within countries and between countries and peoples.

Pray that the Prince of Peace will use us to spread the good news of His peace to every nation.

Work Among Khmer People

Sahara and Lynn cruised the mean streets of East Tacoma in their beat-up car, bringing hope to this spiritually dark neighborhood. These two Presbyterian ministers regularly share the gospel with the Cambodian gangs of this slum neighborhood. Gang killings are common in East Tacoma, often the results of family feuds being passed down to a new generation. 

Some of the Cambodians who had settled in Tacoma were victims of Pol Pot’s reign of terror between 1975-79. Others had served as soldiers or prison camp guards for this murderous communist dictator. Many of them still need emotional and spiritual healing after 30 years. 

Sahara and Lynn have led a small number of people to salvation in Jesus Christ, enough to start a Cambodian ministry at the local Westminster Presbyterian Church. They serve the Lord not knowing if their church can pay next month’s salary. They keep reaching out to East Tacoma’s Cambodian youth trusting their lives to the Lord. “Prayer is the source of our strength,” says Sahara as he prepares for another day of street witnessing.

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Ask God to protect Sahara and Lynn as they reach out to East Tacoma’s Cambodian youth gangs with the love and message of Christ. Pray that their needs will be met. Ask God to open the hearts of the people to whom they witness. Pray that God would break the hold of Buddhism and revenge on these people.-WK

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