Daily Topic for May 11, 2008

Romans 4:18
"Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, 'So shall your offspring be.'"

Imagine Abraham’s situation. He was 100 years old, with a wife of 90, and God told them they were going to have a son! The circumstances were certainly hopeless from a human standpoint. Yet, “he did not waver through unbelief…but was strengthened in his faith, and gave glory to God” (v. 20). The task of penetrating nearly 10,000 unreached people groups may seem impossible to some. But God has clearly promised to redeem men and women from every nation, people and tongue.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will make us strong in our faith, and bring glory to Christ as we trust in His promises.

Buddhist Khmers in Canada

“Bong!” The celebration began with the sounding of a gong and the playing of traditional musical instruments at the Buddhist temple in Canada. It was April 13, New Year’s Day according to the Khmer calendar. The hall was full of middle-aged couples and young children. Teenagers and young adults were few and far between. Already the first signs of a generation gap were beginning to show. Many Cambodian teenagers in Canada have abandoned the worship of Buddha, falling into immorality and materialism.

The first Cambodians began arriving in Canada during the 1980s after Vietnam invaded their country to end the murderous rule of Pol Pot. Most of these immigrants are from the dominant Khmer people. From 1975-79 Pol Pot killed 800,000 of his own people. Families were disrupted. Today there are many widows among the Khmers who have settled in Canada.

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Pray that God would raise up faithful workers to reach out to Canada’s Khmers. Ask God to empower the small Cambodian Christian church in Canada to reach out to their Khmer neighbors. Pray that the Khmers who still suffer from the trauma of the Pol Pot days will find healing and salvation in Jesus Christ. Pray that God will use His followers in Canada to help Cambodia thrive spiritually and economically.-WK

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