Daily Topic for May 10, 2008

Romans 4:17
"God, in whom he believed-the God who gives life to the dead..."

One source of Abraham’s great faith was his confidence that God was able to raise the dead. Specifically, he believed that God could raise Isaac-his only son-from the dead if Isaac were sacrificed in response to God’s command. Christians today need the same kind of faith. In many churches, a once strong missions thrust has died, succumbing to disinterest, disobedience, and perhaps despair. Interest and action among students today, while improving, is lethargic compared to the heyday of the Student Volunteer Movement 100 years ago.

Pray that God will bring back to life the portions of His body that are dead to the cause of the unreached peoples.

Israeli Jews of Canada

This announcement brought joy to the hearts of many Jewish families and youth in Toronto, Canada as they heard it at a national Jewish conference: “Mr. Schachter and Mr. Brown, as co-chairmen of the Toronto Partnership 2000 program for Israel, we from the Israeli Jewish Agency are pleased to let you know that your group has been selected to receive first prize for your outstanding efforts to help Israel. May all your young people and families who participated in the volunteer work program in Israel, especially in Eilat, know what a difference all of you made in the lives of many Israeli families. Your efforts have provided scholarships, developed new vocational training centers, day cares, and the building of new structures in Eilat. These efforts to accommodate students have brought new life and hope to Israeli youths and their families. We hope that other Jewish communities in North America will emulate your work!” 

About 364,000 Jewish people live in Canada. They are divided into four major divisions of Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and Orthodox Judaism, the latter practiced by only a few. They have developed a strong and organized outreach to help Jewish people in Israel, especially in Toronto.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that those Christians who have put their faith in Jesus in Canada will develop a tireless effort to bring the gospel to Jewish people in Canada and Israel. Pray that this will be a bridge that could help Israeli Jews to know their Messiah.-PD

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