Daily Topic for May 09, 2008

Romans 4:11
"So then [Abraham] is the father of all who believe but have not been circumcised, in order that righteousness might be credited to them."

Chapter four is an extensive explanation that Abraham’s righteousness came from faith rather than from works, including the work of circumcision. He was counted as righteous before he became circumcised, and so he is able to be called the father of all who truly believe, whether they are circumcised or not. This was a radical statement for Paul to make, but he was explaining to the Gentiles and the Jews in the church at Rome that they both fit into God’s Kingdom on the basis of the obedience of faith from the heart.

Thank the Lord that He has made all the Gentiles potential members of His Kingdom by faith, not by works.

Orthodox Jewish People in the United States

Jacob put down his backpack, and reached out to shake Ben’s hand. “Hi Ben, my name is Jacob. This is my first semester here at Brown University [Providence, Rhode Island]. I’m a practicing Orthodox Jew like you. My father gave me permission to study here if I keep up my Orthodox practices. What has it been like for you?” 

Ben shook his hand and replied, “Though there are almost 1,400 Jews enrolled here at Brown, only about 20 of us are Orthodox. Being Orthodox here is a lot easier than you may think. They even make kosher meals available. Hopefully the two of us can bring Jewish values into this university, which will in turn affect the world. I hope we can encourage other Jews to return to their religious roots.”

There are an estimated 5.6 million Jews living in the U.S., of which only about eight percent identify themselves as Orthodox. Of the remaining Jewish Americans, only 50 percent are even somewhat affiliated with any type of Jewish religious organizations, many of which are very non-traditional.

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Pray that God will open the way for Christians to communicate God’s Messianic promises to Orthodox and other Jewish people in ways that they will receive Him and His complete salvation.-PD

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