Daily Topic for May 07, 2008

Romans 3:3-4
"What if some did not have faith? Will their lack of faith nullify God's faithfulness? Not at all!"

What if some Christians today really believe that we need not go to the unreached peoples, or that the task is impossible? Would that render null and void God’s command to go and His promise that the unreached peoples will be reached? Absolutely not! Yet we often find both of these attitudes today. Some Christians don’t really believe that the Lord meant us to go to all the nations with the gospel. Others may believe the command, but are overwhelmed and totally discouraged by the immensity of the task.

Father, we want to be faithful to carry Your gospel to the ends of the earth.

Jewish People of Peru

“Many of our Jewish families have left Peru because of the economy, political problems and racial tensions. Many of our Jewish youth who go to the U.S. and Israel for higher education never return.” Eric Topf, past President of B’nai B’rith Peru, expressed concern over the Jewish situation in Peru to an Israeli friend.

Peru’s population is about 24 million, of which only 3,000 are Jews, down from 6,000 in the 1970s. In recent years a number of indigenous Peruvians (known as Marranos) claimed they came from Jewish ancestors and have started practicing Judaism. In 1988, Rabbi Zuber came to Peru to teach them, and he received a Bet Din (Orthodox rabbinical court) ruling from Israel to officially convert a number of these Peruvians to Judaism. In November 2001, 83 more people were converted and taken to Israel to live in settlements located in the West Bank and Golan. The leader of these Jews was Zerubavel Zidkiya.

Today he, his wife and six children (some of whom are married) live, work and worship in Jerusalem and the settlement of Tapuah. One of his sons is studying in a yeshiva, an Orthodox Jewish school. Many of these indigenous Peruvian Jews, both in Peru and Israel, comment that they were once Christians because all Peruvian Indians were expected to be Catholic Christians.

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Pray that God will send well grounded believers in the Word to reach these Jewish people in Peru.-PD

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