Daily Topic for May 05, 2008

Romans 2:17
"Now you, if you call yourself a Jew..."

Paul is asking the Jews at this point to examine themselves. They have the Law and the truth, they teach others, and preach, but do they do the things they are telling others not to do? In other words, do they practice what they preach? What if Paul were here today to ask us the same questions? “If you bear the name Christian…. What does it mean to be a Christian?” The name implies submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ and a commitment to His Word. It also connotes an attitude-one that is willing to give up life’s “smaller” ambitions for the sake of Christ’s global cause.

Father, may You find us to be fully committed Christians for the sake of the unreached peoples.

Animistic Mixtec Peoples of Mexico

Mixtec, one of the main orally transmitted language groups of Mexico’s southern-most states, has a half-million speakers! Only recently has their language been put to writing. In Mexico, many families want their children to learn Spanish to avoid discrimination for their inability to communicate properly in the nation’s trade language. The Mexican government has in recent years implemented projects such as bilingual education in indigenous areas. It is also analyzing the implementation of various teaching projects, as well as training and distribution of teaching materials used in the U.S., where it is estimated that over 65,000 Mixtecs have migrated into California’s rural San Joaquin Valley. These are a poor and needy people. They face multiple challenges with poverty and language barriers. Only two percent speak Spanish or English.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Praise God for a California-based ministry that has provided three heavy duty vans for use of ministry teams for outreach into Mexico’s southern-most states. Pray for God-anointed workers to use these vans to bring the gospel to every remote area and each isolated home, until every Mixtec can share in the good news of the gospel and churches can be planted for His glory. Pray especially for a believing fellowship among each of the five unreached Mixtec subgroups.-MH

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