Daily Topic for May 03, 2008

Romans 1:14, 15
"I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish...to preach the gospel."

Paul’s obligation was not a promise, or a formal contract, but a demand deep within his conscience. Rather than leisurely carrying out some religious responsibility, Paul eagerly fulfilled his debt of gratitude to the One who had paid a great price for his salvation. We, too, are under such an obligation. Imagine the impact of scattered fellowships of believers across the globe who fulfill their obligation to preach the gospel in order to reap a harvest among all peoples! Have you and your church recognized your obligation to proclaim the gospel?


Jewish People in Ecuador

In 1955, Orville and Mary Johnson, with baby Omar, stepped off the float plane onto the bank of Lake Cuyabeno. They had chosen to work among the Secoyas, a small tribe living in Ecuador. They had come to learn and analyze the Secoya language and culture, minister to physical needs, make friends, and pray that God would make His good news comprehensible to this tribe.

Much was discouraging. Both Orville and Mary were frequently sick. Mary was in a constant state of exhaustion, caring for their four pre-school children, plus the medical needs of the Secoyas. Her second son, Roger, had repeated asthmatic attacks, with bouts of nephritis. The problems were so overwhelming that the Johnsons sometimes felt like quitting. Nevertheless, they endured. They lived in the same type of housing and ate the same kind of food as the Indians, while they cared for the sick and listened to the concerns of the people. Orville and Mary told them of God’s love, and of Christ who was more powerful than all the spirits. Their lives proved their words, and the people were convinced that their message was true.

Today in the town of San Pablo, where the Johnsons lived and worked, 90 percent of the 200 or more residents are active believers.-AL (from “Never Touch A Tiger,” by Hugh Steven, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1980.)

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Thank the Lord for faithful missionaries who persevere among unreached peoples.

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