Daily Topic for May 02, 2008

Romans 1:13b
"...in order that I might have a harvest among you, just as I have had among the other Gentiles."

Paul’s single-minded vision should be an encouragement to Christians today. In this verse he reminds the Romans of his primary ministry-preaching the gospel to the Gentiles. Many Christians set out on the path of bringing the gospel to the nations, but become sidetracked by good, perhaps even urgent tasks, such as other forms of church work or Christian ministry. But who will go to the nations? We need thousands of new workers who, like Paul, will focus exclusively on the task of reaching the nearly 10,000 people groups which have no church of their own. Jesus, the Lord of the Harvest, wants us to pray that thousands will go as new missionary recruits to the unreached peoples.

Ask God to send some from your own church.

Animistic Mexontla Popoloca People of Mexico

After finishing high school and college in the U.S., Mary said to SIL Director, Richard Pittman, “I feel the Lord led me here to SIL. But right now my father is sick and I think my place is with him.” Dr. Pittman agreed, and Mary left immediately for Mexico, her first reunion with her family in five years.

After her father’s death, Mary returned to the States to enter nurses training. “The longer I worked as a nurse,” said Mary, “the more I realized I was working just to pay bills. . . . Materialism destroys when it becomes all a person thinks about.” She determined that her goal was going to be people, loving them and serving them. 

So Mary went back to Mexico, to work with Marianna Slocum among the Tzeltal people. “As I watch Mary work,” wrote Marianna, “I am often amused by the way she calls all the backwoods Indian women ‘ladies.’ ‘Here is a lady with a very sick child,’ she says, and then proceeds to treat them with all the care, tenderness, and proper courtesy.” 

In the summer of 1952, Mary returned to Arkansas and took part in Wycliffe’s orientation course. There she met Orville Johnson, a tall, dark soft-spoken native of Arkansas. His proposal was informal but straight forward. They were married in 1953.-AL (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray that God will call thousands of gifted Latinos to serve as missionaries among the unreached.

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