Daily Topic for April 27, 2008

Acts 20:25
"Now I know that none of you among whom I have gone about preaching the kingdom will ever see me again."

It is sad when a missionary leaves the people to whom he was sent, a people whom he has come to love. When the church is planted, able to sustain itself, and willing and able to send evangelists and missionaries on its own, the missionary’s task is complete. But that church needs our prayers to grow in the grace and knowledge of God and to reach out to other peoples who have no churches.

Pray that existing churches, including younger churches in the non-Western world, may continue to flourish and to commission workers to the unreached peoples.

Jewish People in Norway

It was early on a Sunday morning, so no one was hurt when someone shot at a synagogue in Oslo, Norway. The Jewish population felt the impact and understood the implications. Some did not welcome them, and it was not the first show of intolerance for the presence of the 1,600 Jews in Norway.

Persecution of and discrimination have given Jewish people reason to migrate. Eastern Europe historically held the largest Jewish population in the world. Many Eastern European countries lost the majority of their Jews during World War II when the Nazis exterminated six million of them. Now Western Europe has the largest concentration of European Jews. Here Jews are influential in developing Dutch commerce, and they are politically active in the U.K.

European Jews are extremely diverse in religious practice apart from the belief that God is the supreme being, creator of the universe, and the ultimate judge of human affairs. Most support “Zionism,” i.e., embracing elements of the Jewish culture and supporting Israel as a secure Jewish homeland. Jewish people embrace the Abrahamic Covenant, but ironically, they reject Jesus Christ as Messiah, the one who has fulfilled the Abrahamic Covenant.

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Pray that they will understand that Jesus is their long awaited Messiah.-JKW

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