Daily Topic for April 26, 2008

Acts 18:9-10
"One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: 'Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you.'"

How often missionaries, far away from their own homes, family, and friends, become discouraged! Often the only encouragement they receive is from the Lord Himself. Yet letters from friends at home are also greatly welcomed by missionaries abroad, “like cold water to a weary soul” (Proverbs 25:25). Do you have a missionary friend to whom you could write today? A letter from you now could bring them much encouragement. Don’t neglect them.

Dear Lord, thank You for encouraging our missionaries far away from home. Minister to them through our prayers and correspondence.

Kabyle Berbers in France

Original inhabitants of northern Africa, the Kabyle Berbers have been attacked repeatedly and gradually forced to retreat into the high mountains of northeastern Algeria. In the 7th century, Arabs invaded their territory; in the 1830s, France conquered and colonized Algeria.

In 1962 Algeria won independence from France and Arabs took control of the Algerian government. They adopted a policy of “Arabization,” declaring Arabic the official language. Kabyle Berbers refuse to conform to the policy of Arabization and insist on retaining their own language, Tamazigh, and their own form of government.

Over 600,000 Berbers have fled to France to forge a better life, but even in France, they retain their ethnic and cultural identity. Fiercely independent, they do not want to be assimilated into either the Algerian Arabic state or into French society. They face discrimination in housing and jobs. Berbers are frequently targeted for arrest on trumped up charges. About 98 percent of Berbers claim to be Muslim, but most do not practice the five pillars of Islam. They often celebrate Muslim holidays, but cling to former traditions such as saint worship.

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Pray for Kabyle Berbers in France to hear and understand the gospel. Pray that they would turn from secularism and saint worship. Pray for a Bible translation in Tamazigh.-JWS

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