Daily Topic for April 21, 2008

Acts 13:46-47
"...we now turn to the Gentiles."

Many Jews and Gentile proselytes responded favorably to Paul’s sermon. But the Jewish leaders of the city soon became jealous, resenting Paul’s sudden popularity. More than this, they resented his assertion that the gospel was intended for Gentiles as well as for Jews and the fact that “undeserving” Gentiles were eager to respond! Unfortunately this same aloofness is often characteristic of contemporary Christians. Reports of mission breakthroughs and proposals for new advances are often greeted with yawns. In spite of this, growing numbers of believers are responding with faith and enthusiasm.

Father, we delight at what You are doing throughout the earth!

Libyan Arabs in the U.K.

Adeelah rushed to comfort her brother, but Haleem harshly brushed her aside. He crumpled the letter that had crushed his dreams of receiving legal asylum and threw it to the floor. She pleaded, “Haleem, your name means ‘patient.’ You must remain quiet and wait for your destiny.” Haleem’s eyes filled with unexpected tears. “Adeelah, we moved here to England six years ago to further our education. Our parents are sacrificing to keep us here, and yet we are detained, restricted, raided by the police, and some of us have been deported. We are not Al Qaeda, yet we are treated as though we are.”

When some act savagely, it is natural that the attacked group place protective measures in place to shield their families and countrymen from further danger. Unfortunately, many innocent people get caught in the middle when there are protective restrictions. Because of past actions by the Libyan government, Libyan refugees, students and asylum seekers are sometimes looked upon with suspicion in the U.K.

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Pray for discernment for England’s security personnel. Pray that believers in England will glorify Christ’s name by showing love to their Libyan neighbors. Pray that the light of Christ’s love will attract Libyan Arabs to their true savior, even in the midst of confusing times.-PE

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