Daily Topic for April 20, 2008

Acts 13:2
"While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, 'Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.'"

God calls people to Himself and then prepares them for a work of service. An indispensable agent which God uses for this calling and training is the local church. While the Antioch church was “worshiping the Lord,” and ministering locally, God was also preparing some in that church to be sent out to distant lands. God works the same way today. The local church is called to worldwide mission, and as a body, it must sense the Holy Spirit’s calling of some to “go.” Then it sends them with its blessing.

Father, may our churches follow the example of the church at Antioch, ready and willing to hear and obey Your Spirit as He calls many to missionary service.

Muslim Memons in the U.K.

What people group is widely given credit for the founding of Pakistan? If you guessed the Memons, you are correct. It was they who forged the birth and survival of Pakistan when it was created in 1947.

The Memons date their history as far back as the ninth century. They have remained easily distinguishable from other Muslim communities in their business endeavors and community-building works.

Today, there are large colonies of Memons living in the U.K. They continue to distinguish themselves by sustaining their ties to Kashmir and by their strong commitment to Islam. They do not frown on inter-communal marriage, as long as both partners are Muslims.

Recently, there has been some suspicion that Memons were involved in a terrorist plot in London and Glasgow, (see www.boston.com, July 5, 2007) but for the most part, they are a very peaceful people without a violent history.

There are no known believers among the Memons in the U.K., nor are there organized efforts being made to share the blessings of Jesus with this Muslim community.

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Pray that God would send His people among the Memon business community, and that God will supernaturally open Memon hearts to followers of Jesus. Pray that the Memons would see beyond the material world and seek after Jesus, the only provider for mankind’s spiritual needs.-JR

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