Daily Topic for April 19, 2008

Acts 11:19-20
"Now those who had been scattered...traveled as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch, telling the message only to Jews. Some of them, however...went to Antioch and began to speak to Greeks also."

In a similar fashion, isn’t preoccupation with “our own kind of people” the norm today? The vast majority of full-time Christian workers are ministering to those of their own culture who are already at least nominally Christians. Certainly these people need to hear the gospel clearly, as did the Jews of the first century. But how much more do those peoples who know only a shred of the truth deserve full-time workers among them? Let us rededicate ourselves to the task of telling the good news of Christ’s resurrection to those unreached peoples who have yet to hear this miraculous story.

Father, send Your love to the ends of the earth, we pray.

Muslim Kashmiris in the U.K.

The thought of a Kashmiri living in Glasgow, Scotland or London, England might seem strange, but in reality, many Kashmiris have made Great Britain their home since the 1960s. Some immigrated there to escape horrible living conditions and terrorism in Pakistan and India, while others moved in order to seek better work and educational opportunities. The original wave of immigrants came to live for a relatively short time, then returned to the Kashmir region. Those more recent Kashmiri immigrants have chosen to make the U.K. their permanent home.

The majority of British Kashmiris live in East London and Liverpool, as well as Birmingham and Glasgow. They number over 120,000. They have adopted a very British lifestyle, speaking English and dressing in Western fashions, while retaining their traditional Islamic beliefs. Many are occupied in manufacturing and small business ownership.

The Muslim influence is quite evident in the U.K., with more than 1,800 mosques and 3,000 Muslim schools in England alone. The opening of an Islamic university in England greatly increased Muslim influence as well. There are no ethnically Kashmiri churches in Great Britain.

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Pray for the Holy Spirit to do a new work among the Kashmiris in the U.K. that will affect those living in India and Pakistan as well.-JR

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