Daily Topic for April 17, 2008

Acts 11:17-18
"So if God gave them the same gift as He gave us, who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I to think that I could oppose God!"

Peter’s newly-formed vision for the Gentiles came to an immediate test. When he returned to Jerusalem, Jewish Christians accused him of associating and eating with uncircumcised men, something which was forbidden by Jewish ceremonial law. But Peter systematically explained to his detractors the sequence of events which had occurred at Caesarea-from his initial vision to the outpouring of the Spirit on the believing Gentiles.

Today let us pray that we do not hinder God from blessing the nations of the earth through our disobedience and selfishness, or perhaps through our simple disinterest in people who are different from us.

Muslim Baloch People in the U.K.

Atrocities abound in the mineral rich area of Balochistan, a desert province in southwestern Pakistan. Pakistani paramilitary action has killed hundreds of people, and about 4,000 are missing. Up to 85 percent of the inhabitants of Dera Bugti in Balochistan fled their town after they endured repeated shelling. A minibus containing children blew up after hitting a land mine. Tribal militants fired rockets in the battle for control over natural gas fields.

This sounds like a war zone, yet we hear little about it. Kadir Jaloti, Director of the World Sindhi Institute, said, “This is the issue of [the] whole world.” Expatriate Baloch people living in the U.K. have demonstrated, urging the British government to intervene to stop the terror. Indeed this should concern all of us.

Warring over control of natural resources is common among unregenerate people. The answer is not changing people’s actions, but getting to the root of the problem by changing people’s hearts. The answer won’t come by military action, but by God’s power. We, as Christians, can intervene through prayer.

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Pray that these atrocities will drive desperate Baloch Muslims to Christ. Ask Him to lay these people on the hearts of British believers, so they will lovingly share with Baloch people how to receive salvation through Christ. Pray that the Baloch people, both in Pakistan and in the U.K., will invite the Prince of Peace to rule their lives, even in places where mercy is rare.-AK

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