Daily Topic for April 12, 2008

Acts 8:25
"When they had testified and proclaimed the Word of the Lord, Peter and John returned to Jerusalem, preaching the gospel in many Samaritan villages."

Peter and John took Philip’s example to heart, and began evangelizing among the Samaritan unbelievers. They, too, had become cross-cultural missionaries. But they did their preaching “on their way back to Jerusalem.” Were they really only first century short-term missionaries? Today there are many short-term opportunities for Christians to serve on the mission field. Perhaps, resulting from such service, many of these people will commit their entire lives to missionary careers. Many older missionaries soon will be retiring, leaving wide gaps in present fields. Ripe frontier mission fields still beckon for necessary workers.

Pray for more career missionaries to go to the unreached peoples.

Muslim Tajiks in the U.K.

Hammasa Kohistani was the first beauty contestant of Muslim origin to be crowned Miss England in February of 2006. Ethnically she is a Tajik, a minority group from Afghanistan. She was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan after her parents were forced to flee Afghanistan because of the ongoing violence. She won the competition, but has borne the burden of death threats both to her and to her family by Muslim extremists. They wanted her to have no part in the contest, according to “BBC News.”

Great Britain has long been a haven for Afghanistan asylum seekers. One such young man had been a film star in his own country. As a refugee he worked menial jobs, but hard labor failed to kill his dreams. He persevered and made a film showing the life of many refugees: the story of a depression-stricken father who turned to alcohol, a mother who struggled to keep the family fed, and a son ending up as a drug dealer. Still others were qualified professionals who failed to find work in their own fields, and viewed themselves as failures.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for discouraged Tajik refugees to encounter Jesus, who said: “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10b, NIV). Pray too for Tajik Muslims to receive Jesus, the only true redeemer of all mankind.-MH

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