Daily Topic for April 11, 2008

Acts 8:5
"Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Christ there."

Two factors are quite significant in this single statement. The first is that Philip, a layman, began sharing the gospel outside of Jerusalem. The second is that Philip, a Jew, was sharing the Good News with the Samaritans-people who were cultural enemies of the Jews, and he was having tremendous success. What a testimony to the love of Christ! Think of those groups that you consider enemies. Yet among these peoples are many unreached peoples. Will national prejudice blind us to the needs of these peoples, or will we allow the love of Christ to break down the barriers of suspicion and misunderstanding?

God, use us to bless the “Samaritans” in our lives.

Muslim Pushtuns in Germany

What do the Germans and Afghanistan’s Pushtuns have in common? Until the end of WWII, the Germans were a militaristic people who often used their powerful armies for conquest. Likewise, the Pushtuns are noted for their military skills. They are the ones who were largely responsible for driving the Soviets out of Afghanistan, and for sheltering the Taliban.

Today there are Pushtun people in 10 different countries, including 33,000 living in Germany. But old ways die hard. In the backstreets of Frankfurt, Germany, German authorities found a three-room Taliban office. It opened in 1996 and only shut in June of last year. According to the “Financial Times of London,” one European anti-terrorist source commented that despite the military successes against the Taliban in Afghanistan, we still face the most serious threat to world peace since the Cuban missile crisis.

Though the Pushtuns are noted for being militantly Islamic, there are those who are looking for better answers than those offered by Islam. Much intercession is needed if they are to be reached with the gospel.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will open hardened minds and hearts to bring Pushtuns to Jesus, the only way to real peace. Pray that German believers, who have seen their culture turn from militant ways, can be used of God to help transform Pushtun culture, and bring Christ into their lives.-MH

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