Daily Topic for April 10, 2008

Acts 8:4
"Those who had been scattered preached the Word wherever they went."

Throughout history God has called His people to become missionaries by means of several mechanisms. We are most familiar with the voluntary mechanism; that is, missionaries going out voluntarily. But much of the expansion of the church has been due to the involuntary mechanism of Christians being captured or expelled against their will and coming into contact with non-believers. Acts 8 was just such a case!

Lord, thank You for yet another glimpse of Your determination to bring blessings to all nations. Help us to be willing and eager servants who will gladly sing Your praise among the nations.

Shi’ite Muslim Persians in Germany

If someone were oppressing you, would you want to embrace their religion? The Persians of Iran certainly wouldn’t. Perhaps to keep their cultural distance, the Persians adopted Shi’ite Islam, a rival sect of the Sunni Muslim Arabs who conquered their nation in the seventh century.

Perhaps the same kind of thinking might drive Persians into the arms of Jesus in this century. The brutal Shi’ite Muslim-based revolution in 1979 drove many out of the country, and the exodus continues today. In 2006, a lesbian Iranian woman who expected the death penalty because of her chosen lifestyle was granted asylum in Germany. She has joined the 116,000 Persians living in that country.

The Islamic regime has driven Iranians away from their homeland, but also away from Shi’ite Islam. Where will they turn? Some estimate that close to a million Persians in Iran are now looking to Jesus for answers to their spiritual lives. The New Testament and other resources are available in Farsi, the main language of the Persians.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that the disillusioned Persians in Iran and Germany will have the chance to read His Word, and embrace the Gentle Shepherd. Pray that God will reveal Himself to Persians even in dreams and visions.-CH

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