Daily Topic for April 08, 2008

Acts 5:28
"...you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching."

Chapters five and six of Acts yield several indications that the apostles were obedient to the Lord’s command to be His witnesses in Jerusalem. The number of disciples was quickly getting very large (6:1, 6:7)! But what about the rest of the Lord’s command? Had He not said they should go beyond Jerusalem? Yes! How easy it is to become absorbed in issues close to home and thereby forget the needs of other peoples in other places.

Father, thank You for all You’ve done in our homes and churches through the witness of our spiritual fathers. Keep us from preoccupation with these blessings, and use us to bring blessings to the whole world.

Sunni Muslim Turks in Germany

The opposite of a well-known American proverb, a Turkish one, says: “The hurt of a stick dies away, but words hurt forever.” Turks are very sensitive people, and they feel that they are facing political restrictions and discrimination in Germany, home to more Turkish expatriates than any other European country. In the 1950s many Turks emigrated from their homeland searching for work, and what Germany expected to be a temporary situation has turned into a permanent one. Germany has been slow about incorporating Turks and other visible minorities into German society.

Turkish residents do receive the full range of social services and economic benefits provided by the German welfare state. However, it is very difficult for Turks, as citizens of a non-European Union country, to get citizenship, and Germany does not allow dual citizenship. Turks feel discrimination when Muslim applicants for citizenship must take a “conscience test” measuring their loyalty to Germany’s societal values. Other factors Germany sees as threatening are the Turks’ high birth rate and conflicts within the Turkish community between the majority Turks and minority Kurds. Although there have been no documented terrorist acts by Turks, the Germans remain apprehensive about Muslim populations.

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Pray that churches and mission agencies will accept the challenge of adopting and reaching the Turks in Germany.-JS

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