Daily Topic for April 07, 2008

Acts 4:12
"...there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

The Jewish leaders arrested Peter and John after Peter’s sermon in front of the temple. The charges against them were that they had taught the people about Jesus’ resurrection and had healed the cripple in His Name. Peter’s defense the next day was characteristically simple, yet powerful. He once again testified of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and charged the Jewish leaders with rejecting Him, God’s Messiah. He affirmed that the stone the builders rejected had become the Chief Cornerstone. Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the only Way to salvation.

Father, this day we remember those peoples who have not yet heard that Jesus died and rose again to bring them life.

Buddhist Tibetans in Europe

The Tibetan youth meeting at the conference in Amsterdam looked more European than Tibetan. They wore Western clothes and spoke European languages better than Tibetan. Most of them had been born in Europe and had never lived in Tibet. They had only heard of Chinese oppression in Tibet from their parents, not having experienced it first hand.

Tibet was a British protectorate until 1962, when communist China invaded and annexed that Buddhist land. The brutality of the Chinese military caused thousands of Tibetans to flee to India. From there many Tibetans found their way to the countries of Western Europe. Today there are 88,000 Tibetans living in Europe yet less than 100 of them have put their faith in Christ. A new generation of Tibetans has been born in Europe and many of these people are Buddhist in name only. These youth often worship money more than they worship Buddha.

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Ask God to break the hold Buddhism, materialism and immorality have on the Tibetans of Europe. Pray that God will soon raise up the right people to reach out to this people group for our merciful Savior. Ask God to encourage and mobilize the few Tibetan believers to reach out to their own people. May Tibetan youth look to Jesus Christ, and not Buddha, as the one who will lead them into the future.-WK

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