Daily Topic for April 06, 2008

Acts 4:10-11
"It is by the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified but God raised from the dead...that [the man who was lame] stands before you completely healed.... Salvation is found in no one else."

In obedience Peter and John proclaimed the Lord’s salvation in Jerusalem. They were so bold that they were called before the religious council to defend their actions. What was their defense? Simply the Name of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Because Jesus was raised from the dead, Peter insisted, “There is salvation in no one else! There is no other Name by which we must be saved.” Without salvation in the Name of the risen Jesus, the unreached peoples of the world have no hope for eternity.

Dear Lord, help us to understand and truly believe what You revealed to Peter. Remind us of the reality of heaven and hell, and of the saving power of the gospel.

Buddhist Vietnamese in the Netherlands and France

“Welcome to the Netherlands,” said the smiling Dutch pastor to the Vietnamese immigrants gathered for a conference in Holland. The Vietnamese were arriving from France to start anew…again.

After the communist takeover of South Vietnam in 1975, thousands of Vietnamese fled. Many of them ended up in France and the United States. Recently there has been an anti-immigrant backlash in France. Many Vietnamese left that country to start a new life in the Netherlands.

Most are Buddhists, although there is also a Vietnamese Catholic minority. Unfortunately, many Vietnamese Catholics don’t truly follow the Lord or live by biblical principles. Their form of Christianity is highly tainted with Animism. Prior to 1975 rampant warfare made it difficult for missionaries to reach out to the Vietnamese in their homeland. Today the General Synod of the Protestant Church is meeting the physical needs of the Buddhist Vietnamese who have settled in their country, but it is doing little to preach the gospel to them. This denomination is one of the most liberal within Christianity. Long ago they abandoned the message of salvation based on Christ’s atoning sacrifice.

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Pray that God will mobilize true believers to reach out to the Vietnamese now settling in the Netherlands with the true message of salvation. Pray that these Vietnamese will become Christ’s ambassadors to Vietnam.-WK

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