Daily Topic for April 03, 2008

Acts 2:12
"What does this mean?"

What amazed the foreign-born Jews who heard the disciples was the fact that those obviously uneducated Galileans were speaking all their languages. How could this be? We might also ask why God enabled the apostles to communicate in the languages of all those foreign-born Jews. Perhaps God wanted to reinforce to the disciples His command to proclaim good news to all nations-including the people groups whose languages they now so miraculously spoke.

Father, use the testimony of Your servants to satisfy the spiritual hunger of the world’s unreached peoples.

Muslim Saudi Arabs in the U.K.

One way we try to make contact with Muslims is to go to Hyde Park and talk to those we meet. We also go door to door in the areas where we know Muslims live. Sometimes we just sit in a coffee bar, and invite people who show interest in God to come and talk with us. With these contacts, we set up one-on-one Bible studies. In this way, we are getting to know Muslim women in particular.

There is an attitude in London that makes it very hard to develop close relationships. But God is giving us the courage each day to contact the Muslim women, to work closely with them, and to share the gospel. I am not discouraged, because I believe I am where God wants me to be. I can truly say, “Yes, there is a testimony here. Yes, there is an opportunity. Yes, there is the gospel available to Muslim people coming to London from all parts of the world.” (From an interview with a South African missionary and David Bliss, missionary to South Africa.)

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Pray that the Lord will thrust forth hundreds of missionaries to go to Europe’s Muslim communities, to share with them the glories of the Kingdom of God.

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