Daily Topic for April 02, 2008

Acts 2:6-11
"Each one heard them speaking in his own language...declaring the wonders of God."

God-fearing Jews from “every nation under heaven” were in Jerusalem the day the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, who enabled them to speak in other tongues. Today roughly 10,000 people groups, scattered throughout the earth, still wait to hear someone declare to them the “wonders of God.” The same Spirit who enabled the disciples on the day of Pentecost enables today’s missionaries to reach the unreached in their own languages. But the task is tremendous; many more workers are still needed. Who will go?

Father, thank You for Your enabling power. Thrust forth laborers who will bear Your Word to every people group on earth.

Operation Mobilization (OM) work in Europe

Beginning in 1985, I joined Operation Mobilization (OM) and cooperated with other young people in South Africa who were working with Mozambican refugees who had escaped to South Africa. These were all Animistic people. After years of work, there are now several Christian churches with their own pastors among these refugees.

God opened an opportunity for me to work with Muslims. In the summer months of 1989, Operation Mobilization (OM) sent me to London to help out in an evangelistic campaign called “Love Europe.” There I saw for the first time Muslim women who had come from Africa to live in London.

The trip to Europe had originally been designed to give me a broader understanding of world evangelization. There my heart was truly drawn to these Muslim women who came from many different countries around the world, especially those from the West Indies and from West Africa. There was no one to meet them when they arrived in London, no one who was concerned for them. When I saw how lost they seemed, the Lord touched my heart and said, “I want you to come back here and work full time among these Muslim people.” So I’m now working in London with OM. (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray for joyful openness in the hearts of those God calls to His work in Europe. Pray for much lasting fruit to come from this coming summer’s Love Europe outreach.

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