Daily Topic for March 29, 2008

John 20:21
"Again Jesus said, 'Peace be with you! As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you.'"

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples in the upper room and greeted them with this commission. Jesus was sent into the world to demonstrate God’s love for all peoples. While on earth Jesus also showed others how to impart His life to the world. As the Father sent Him, so He sends us, often to difficult places. But with the promise of His peace and His presence we have nothing to fear.

Father, thank You for counting us worthy to bear the gospel of life to all peoples. May we be faithful to this great cause for rejoicing!

Muslim Tajiks in Russia, China and Tajikistan

The world’s largest glaciers keep vigilant watch, and high fences and heavily armed soldiers are evidence of Chinese rule. This one-street town otherwise looks as it has for generations with Tajik nomads selling their wares in this remote part of China. Avalanches and mudslides are a reality, and the possibility of an earthquake is a reminder of their vulnerable position.

Central Asia, the land of the most significant trading routes in history, became a dumping ground of unwanted people groups. The Tajiks are the oldest and one of the largest people groups in Central Asia. As Turkish tribes moved west, Tajiks were pushed off the land and forced to live as nomadic herders in Tajikistan, China, Russia, and elsewhere. Civil war in Tajikistan has caused economic decline and poverty but has opened hearts to the loving witness of Christians.

The majority of Tajik people are professing Muslims, but few regularly practice Islamic ritual. They are more influenced by superstition and Zoroastrian beliefs.

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Pray that Tajiks will discover Christ as loving Russian Christians share Christ’s truths with them. Pray for more committed long-term missionaries to the Tajiks in Russia. Pray that the famous trade routes of Central Asia will soon be used to spread the gospel to the Tajiks and other peoples living in this region and nearby Russia.-JKW

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