Daily Topic for March 28, 2008

John 19:30
"Jesus said, 'It is finished.' With that, He bowed His head and gave up His spirit."

With the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan had claimed authority over the peoples of the earth. With Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself, He entered into a ghastly struggle to reclaim His own, what was His by right of creation. Now all mankind was doubly His by right of redemption. Jesus won the victory over the evil one. And with a glorious, triumphant voice, He cried from the cross, “It is finished,” and died-to rise again on the third day. What joy! “It is finished!” The war over Satan’s claim to those peoples still in darkness is finished. Vainly, he still tries to claim them. But Christ paid the price for their redemption. How quickly we must tell them the good news!


Turkmen People in Russia and Turkmenistan

Carpets are not provided by genies in a lamp for the purpose of pleasure riding through middle-eastern cities! To a good Muslim, carpets are for prayer, and a prayer rug may be all a nomadic Turkmen possesses. Turkmen are known for being hot-headed, but trustworthy and sincere. Perhaps this is why they are so successful at selling their metal and wood handicrafts in the local bazaars.

Traditionally the Turkmen were nomadic cattlemen or farmers. There was, and still is, tension between them concerning land rights. Turkmen have divided themselves into tribal subgroups, each with its own dialect and dress. This has isolated Turkmen subgroups from one another.

They have been strongly influenced by Turkic conquerors, who imposed their language on them, and Arabs, who forced them to convert to Islam. Russian influence continues to threaten the independence of the Turkmen, even after the demise of the Soviet Union, which included Turkmenistan. The Turkmen live where the largest unexploited gas and oil fields in the world are, yet Russian policies have deprived them of their land and wealth and suppressed their language and culture.

Though they are now almost entirely Sunni Muslim, Turkmen still practice mysticism and other pre-Islamic traditions.

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Pray that Christian radio broadcasts and literature will soon be made available to the Turkmen. Ask God to raise up intercessors who will faithfully pray that the eyes of these Muslim people will be opened to Jesus Christ as Savior.-JKW

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