Daily Topic for March 25, 2008

John 10:16
"I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also.... and they shall be one flock with one shepherd."

The gospels provide us with four perspectives on the Lord Jesus, each emphasizing some particular aspect of His person. Yet each gospel clearly presents His command to take the good news to the entire world. Here we read Jesus’ gentle reminder of the global nature of the good news. “Other sheep” may be understood as “other nations,” or “other peoples.” Let us exhort each other in the church to remember all the other sheep-of “every tongue, tribe, people, and nation that are not yet in the fold!”

Let us think and pray about how we can share the news of Jesus with the “other sheep”-the unreached peoples of the world.

Muslim Lak People in Dagestan, Russia

“Ilymas, you are the first Lak boy to be selected to attend an Islamic school in Saudi Arabia!” The imam was excited as he announced the good news to the boy. “You will receive excellent instruction in the Koran, Sunnah (Islamic traditions) and Arabic. When you return, you will be our head instructor in the new madrasa we are building. Your training will allow our boys to receive the best Islamic teaching and to restore our people to the ways of Allah.”

Over 140,000 Lak people live in central Dagestan. Using their talents in many kinds of crafts, they have earned their living by trading with neighboring peoples. This trade has given them the motivation to learn Russian and other languages. They have the distinction of being the most multilingual peoples in the former USSR.

When Russia gave religious freedom to its people in 1990, Dagestan immediately started a strong re-Islamization campaign. Today there are hundreds of new mosques and Islamic schools. Before this time, the Lak people’s Islamic identity was weak.

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Pray that this strong Islamic influence may be done away with. Since there is no known current Christian witness among the Lak people, and no mission agencies are working among them, pray that God will open many doors for the Lak people to hear, understand and accept His Word.-PD

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