Daily Topic for March 22, 2008

John 4:32
"I have food to eat that you know nothing about."

To the disciples’ surprise Jesus, again breaking custom, had been talking to a woman while they were gone. And she was no ordinary woman. She was a Samaritan-highly despised by the Jews-and also immoral. Even so, by talking with this woman and speaking to her needs, Jesus was refreshed in a way the disciples knew nothing about. Doing the will of His Father, and finishing His work, was what truly satisfied and sustained Him. How about us? Are we refreshed and sustained by obedience to Christ’s commission? Do we delight to “finish His work” among the nations?

Lord, nourish us by Your Spirit as we help share Your revelation with those to whom it is new.

Muslim Balkar People of Russia

The science student at Moscow State University rushed to catch up with the professor who had just read his paper to the students and faculty. “Otarov, your paper on nuclear physics was brilliant! Your Russian is very good, but I detect an accent. Where are you from?” Otarov put down his brief case and responded, “I’m Balkar and most of us come from Kabardino-Balkarina located in the region of the Caucasus Mountains. The prominent geophysicist Zalikhanov and the famous nuclear physicist Eneev were both Balkars. I studied hard in school so I might be able to accomplish just a little of what they did. Most of our people are poor, but we believe in education. From the time we are young we learn two languages, Balkar and Russian. That is why so many of us have been successful.”

The 90,000 Balkar people have unsuccessfully struggled for years to be given their own autonomous republic. Many feel discriminated against in the job market. Because of their educational zeal some have overcome hardships. 

For centuries these people have been Muslims. Some have blended Animistic beliefs with Islam. These beliefs originated from the days when the Balkar people were living as nomads.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God will open a way for Christians to discuss His Word with these people, especially with their leaders. May the Balkar people soon know that God can lead and direct them in life here and in eternity.-PD

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