Daily Topic for March 20, 2008

John 1:10
"He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him."

What sad words! Those He loved did not welcome him who loved mankind so much. Today how easy it is to say, “The unreached peoples do not want us. Let’s go to someone who does.” It is also easy to become critical and discouraged when missionaries who are trying to show that they love the unreached peoples are not welcomed with open arms. Yet our missionary God did not wait for us to desire Him. He came incarnate in Jesus to reveal His love in a way we could understand, in a way that wooed us to Himself.

Dear Lord, plant in our hearts Your love for lost peoples.

Chulym Tatars

Upheaval and disruption have defined the lives of the formerly nomadic Chulym Tatars, having pushed them out of their original homeland of western Siberia in the late 1500s. Two centuries later, they were again uprooted, this time by the Russian government in its efforts to build the Moscow-Siberian highroad. This provided the way for thousands of Russians to come into Chulym territory, which changed their lives once again.

The Chulym Tatars cannot be distinctly identified as cohesive by language or ethnic background. Many of them have been strongly assimilated into the Russian or Khakass cultures and no longer use their own language.

Those who are religious seem to be Shamanistic, believing in an invisible world of gods and demons that must always be appeased. The shaman was once considered a healer and religious leader. Shamanistic practices regularly required blood sacrifice. They also have some Islamic beliefs. They were forced to “accept Christianity” in the early 1700s, but it did not wipe out their dominant Shamanistic beliefs.

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Pray for God’s spiritual healing to take place among the Chulyms. Pray that missionaries will come up with ways to provide safe drinking water and adequate food for them, and that the Chulym Tatars will give thanks to our Heavenly Father. Pray that the gospel will become meaningful to the Chulym people, so that many will embrace the Savior.-JR

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