Daily Topic for March 18, 2008

John 1:5
"The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it."

We in the Western world often consider darkness to be merely the absence of light. The Bible calls it evil and says it is an aggressive force. Nevertheless, John rejoices that this “darkness has not overpowered the light which shines in Jesus.” It was this darkness that caused most of the Jews not to understand the fact that the Messiah truly had come. But they also didn’t understand that Jesus meant to include the Gentiles in His love and blessing.

Lord, we pray that Your church, including our congregations may prevail against spiritual forces intent on obscuring believers’ from understanding Your missionary heart.

Consultation for Reaching Shamanistic Peoples

How do you get Russians and formerly nomadic Shamanistic peoples from Siberia to come to the same table as friends? By giving them a common purpose!

This consultation just had its fourth annual meeting in September. There were believers from a wide variety of Russian Christian denominations (a miracle in itself), and born again representatives from seven different Shamanistic people groups. Though most of the people groups represented are still unreached, there is a remnant that has put their faith in Christ. Everyone who attended this consultation longs to see the Kingdom of God extended to Russia’s Shamanistic peoples.

The Consultation gave these workers the chance to discuss important topics in their ministries. For example, is it appropriate for people to repent for the sins of their forefathers against another people group?

The highlight of the Consultation was the “Cultural Evening” when members of the seven Shamanistic people groups were given the chance to use traditional cultural forms as a vehicle for conveying biblical truth. Many from their people groups have been taught that such cultural forms are inherently part of the old religious ways, and should thus be eliminated. But these people now have the freedom to use their cultural forms to explain in a culturally-appropriate form, so long as it does not bring to mind false religion instead of the truths of Scripture.

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Pray that these developments will result in the Kingdom of God extending to every Shamanistic people group in Russia.-KC

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