Daily Topic for March 17, 2008

John 1:1
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

In this opening statement of John’s gospel we catch a glimpse of one of the essential characteristics of God: He is a missionary God who carries within His heart the desire to communicate His Word. Not only is He the Creator of mankind, but He is the Communicator to mankind. This communication was culminated at the birth of Jesus Christ when “the Word became flesh,” and John highlights this “one solitary life” from His early days of ministry to His resurrection on Easter morning. Christ’s life is our pattern of how we are to effectively communicate God’s love to the ends of the earth.

Father, thank You for revealing Yourself. We trust in Your grace as we, too, walk among the needy peoples.

Tuvinians of Russia

Dag’s three-year old feet scurried to keep up with Choodu, his father. This was his first trip to fish the pure snow-fed river with Choodu. He was excited! Dag knew his father wanted these fish very badly; enough to leave the reindeer herd for two days to the care of his mother and sisters. Dag’s chest swelled with pride. He was going to be a fisherman!

One hundred and seventy five thousand Tuvinian souls reside in a mountainous region of Russia called the Tuva Republic. Strikingly beautiful, the land is unpolluted, pure and rich with natural resources. The Tuva people are all united by language and culture. Isolated to say the least, there is an average of only one person per 10 square kilometer. 

The Tuvinian people spend their winters in villages and their summers in vast meadows high in the mountains with the reindeer. Russian communists imposed restrictions on the Tuvinian nomadic lifestyle. They confiscated one-third of their horses, and tens of thousands of their cattle. The Russians sent Tuvinian children to government boarding schools, and tried to put these independent people into villages. But that didn’t change the independent Tuvinians, who constantly resisted the changes to their lifestyle.

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Pray that the gospel would penetrate the Buddhist/Shamanistic beliefs they now hold, and that many Tuvinians would turn to Jesus Christ, their only hope for this life and for the life to come.-PE

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