Daily Topic for March 16, 2008

Luke 24:47
"Repentance for forgiveness of sins will be preached in His Name to all the nations, beginning at Jerusalem."

No one is exempt from the necessity of repenting of his or her sins in order to find forgiveness. Nor is any disciple of Jesus excluded from the wonderful responsibility of proclaiming His Name to all nations. If all Christians took this obligation more seriously, the nations would quickly hear of the urgent necessity of repentance and the wonderful availability of eternal life. All believers are “witnesses of these things” (vs. 48). Does your witness extend to the nations? Are you praying daily for the world’s unreached peoples? Does at least part of your missions giving go to those places where there is not yet an indigenous church?

Dear Lord, we want to exalt You among the nations.

Orochi People

One of the tiniest flowers in God’s garden of cultures is that of the 900 Orochi people of southeastern Russia. Their name means “Newborn Bear” because of their belief that their people were born of a woman and a bear. Traditionally the Orochi people enjoyed nomadic lives of traveling from one hunting and fishing area to another, and living in conical, moveable dwellings. Now most Orochi people live in permanent settlements near a railroad station named for them, and they are melting into the Russian culture.

Orochi elders tell their young of times when honored guests were shown to the place of honor in the teepee-like dwelling and seated on the far side of the door with the cozy central fire between them and the chill of the region. They served their guests raw fish mixed with wild garlic and berries, dried salmon caviar and salmon noses. Two braids collect the hair of the woman and one braid collects men’s hair. The Orochi people tell stories of the huge eight-legged elk, which is the Earth; the mountains being Earth’s backbone; trees its fur; and animals are fleas.

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Pray that the One who loves them and created them, Jesus Christ, will be revealed to this most unreached group and that 900 reservations will be accepted to honored seats at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.-PE

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